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How to Choose the Perfect Venue for your Holiday Event

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I know what you are thinking. It is only August, why are we already discussing planning a holiday party? The reason is because the best venues fill up fast and knowing how to choose the perfect venue for your holiday event is important. Tuscan Ridge wedding and event venue is considered one of the best event venues in Memphis. It is time to contact us to get our books at your perfect holiday party. Your company holiday party is typically the event of the year for your staff. Therefore, choosing a suitable event venue is crucial for planning a glamourous party. Here are tips for choosing the perfect holiday venue.  

Is Your Venue Unique? 

Any office can rent out a party room at a restaurant and call it a party. Yet, to make your staff genuinely feel valued, you should pull all the strings out and opt for a gorgeous party. Tuscan Ridge is not only a wedding venue, it is also a perfect holiday party venue. Did you know that Tuscan Ridge’s elite venue is nestled in the picturesque rolling hills of Eads, Tn, and just a short drive from Memphis, TN.? A stunning Italian Villa sits on acres of lush green pastures. When your guests pull into the Tuscan Ridge, they will be in awe of the serene, gorgeous scenery. 

Is the Venue Well Equipped to Handle Large Groups? 

There is plenty of space for dinner and dancing at Tuscan Ridge. Your caterer will love the large on-site kitchen as-well. Food that is prepared off- site is easily transitioned for plating and storage in our large kitchen that has ample counter space. The grounds are gorgeous and larger parties work well with an outdoor tent in our garden area. Some of the top event planners in the area have created amazing memories for their clients at Tuscan Ridge.  

Is your Venue Convenient? 

Tuscan Ridge is about a 30–45-minute drive from Memphis, with breathtaking landscape when you turn onto the winding roads leading to the venue. While the distance may seem far, it is a short 15-minute drive from Collierville. It is hard to miss the sprawling estates when you pull closer to the venue. 

Is the Venue Private and Perfect for your event?

Tuscan Ridge offers a lovely change of pace. The venue is set in the countryside with a gated entry so your private security can determine who can enter the premises. Your struggles and worries will disappear as you drive ever closer to the quiet area surrounding the Tuscan estate. 

We look forward to the season of holiday parties at Tuscan Ridge. Contact us today to schedule your holiday party or schedule a tour at (901) 949-1859. We guarantee your employees will be reminiscing about the party at Tuscan Ridge for many years to come. 

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