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The Perfect Memphis Event Venue for Your Holiday Party

Holiday parties are back, and many companies are choosing a lavish affair since last year’s parties could not take place. Your company holiday party is an excellent opportunity to show your appreciation for dedicated employees, build company culture, and boost morale. When planning the event, one of the most important choices you make will be the event location. 

“Though there are many components to planning a memorable event, finding the right venue is an art form all its own. The right venue ensures that your event will be executed to any specifications and that guests will be surprised and delighted by their experience, resulting in a favorable view of your company or the clients you represent. Furthermore, the right venue can make the planning process much more seamless, helping to provide you with all the “extras” needed to make an impression – from linens to florals to connecting you to other vendors who can assist in bringing your event to life.” says a public relations specialist in an article for the West Chester Business journal. She also goes on to list the following five components needed to have a stellar event: 

  • Location- Where will your event take place? Does it have stunning views?  
  • Capacity– Will the location be able to accommodate all the guests comfortably? Keep in mind a venue will not work if it holds just under your anticipated attendee target. The last thing you want is for the room to be too tight. A tight room could be uncomfortable for guests and stop the healthy flow of moving about the room.  
  • Technological Components– Will there be entertainment? If so, do they have access to sound equipment and lighting? 
  • Food and Beverage– Can your event venue handle the food and beverages needed to feed your hungry guests? Will you need to bring in tables and chairs along with food and drinks? 
  • “Wow” Factor– Will your guests be excited when they walk through the door? Does the ambiance set a celebratory mood? 

Luckily, there is a Memphis event venue that meets all the criteria listed above for a remarkable event.  

Tuscan Ridge wedding and Event Venue is just thirty minutes away from Downtown Memphis. It is nestled in the rolling hills and serene landscape of the Eads Tennessee neighborhood near Collierville. Your guests will be in awe once they pull into the gates of Tuscan Ridge, as the grounds look as if they were designed with extraordinary events in mind. When your guests make it past the lush green pastures, they will find a gorgeous Italian Villa that overlooks the grounds.  

The villa can accommodate large lavish parties or smaller, more intimate gatherings. Tuscan Ridge typically serves as a wedding event venue, so we can create large-scale or smaller-scale events that will ensure your guests are comfortable throughout the night.  

 Tuscan Ridge also has plenty of space for dancing and all the technological components to ensure your entertainment has met their needs. There is also a full-size kitchen available for your catering team.  

Overall, Tuscan Ridge is the perfect event venue for your holiday party. The location is convenient and appealing for guests. They can meet small or large capacities. There is plenty of space for entertaining and dining and the “wow” factor; see for yourself, we think you and each guest will be in awe once they pull through the gates of Tuscan Ridge. For more information, contact us on (901) 949-1859. 

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