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Intimate Weddings at Tuscan Ridge

Why an Intimate Wedding at Tuscan Ridge? 

Small, intimate weddings have been gaining popularity over the last few years and now, more than ever is the time to embrace the trend. An intimate wedding allows a couple to allocate their wedding budget towards the flowers, dress, food and other details of their dreams. A smaller affair also allows a couple to feel like the event is really about THEM. Finally, the more intimate your wedding, the more you can spend time with those people closest to you and create memories on your wedding day that will last a lifetime. Tuscan Ridge can provide you with a picturesque setting and intimate spaces to conduct your ceremony inside or outside where you can make real memories with your guests. 

What is an intimate wedding? 

An intimate wedding is usually 50 people or less. A smaller wedding ensures that you may enjoy all of your guests, making it a more personal and memorable experience for you as the couple and your guests. Having 50 guests or less ensures that the couple is able to connect with everyone instead of it being a blur of faces. Spending time with each guest makes the guests feel as though they are a real part of your special day.  

 Tips for Your Intimate Wedding Ceremony 

  •  Keep Your Circle/Guestlist Small.  

 If you are having an intimate wedding, your guestlist should contain a list of 50 guests or less. A good rule of thumb when developing your guest list is to rely on your phone. If you have texted or called someone on a consistent basis in the last 3 months, they should be included as a wedding guest. 


  • Make the Most Out of Your Budget.  

Without having to cater to the masses at a large affair, you may concentrate your delegation of wedding funds to all the details you really want. If you want that designer dress, now you can have it. If you want your favorite flowers that have to be imported, now you can have them. If you want to have that hard to get band or DJ, now you can have them.  


  • Make Your Guests Part of Your Special Day. 

With a smaller guest list, you may want to invite your guests to your rehearsal dinner or invest in personalized wedding favors for each guest to really make them feel like they are a part of the event. You may also consider letting each guest read a line from a favorite poem or a bible verse. Have your guests participate in your ceremony.  There is nothing better than feeling like a bride and groom are sharing their special moment with you.  


  • Be Thoughtful.  

With a more intimate event, you may want to hand-write invitations. This adds a personal touch to let your guests know that they are included in an exclusive event.  

 Let Tuscan Ridge be the idyllic setting for your upcoming, intimate wedding. 

Tuscan Ridge provides you and your guests with an idyllic setting in the Memphis area. Just off the beaten path but close enough for your guests to find easily, Tuscan Ridge showcases a beautiful main house, rolling hills and pastures with stunning views to give your wedding a rustic yet elegant feel. By having an intimate affair at Tuscan Ridge, you can spend your wedding budget on the things most important to you… i.e. the perfect venue, the dream dress, your bigger flower budget, the perfect food for your reception and a beautiful and flavorful cake.  

Come make your intimate wedding dreams come true at Tuscan Ridge!